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Company Introduction

HIKE MACHINERY & EQUIPMENTS LTD has been engaged in the supply of used construction machinery since 2007. We have a wide variety of used machinery in our inventory. We deal in most of the leading brands of construction machinery including KATO, TADANO, KOMATSU, DANAPAC, HITACHI CAT etc. We specialize in sellin,Used grader,Used bulldozer,Used crane,Etc.


Our expertise in the field of buying and selling specific machinery like used cat motor grader and used CAT 140h grader provide us an extra edge over other working competitors in the market and make us the top notch supplier of fore-said machinery. They are being bought in immaculate condition after strict quality measures and thorough inspection by highly professional engineers and team of skilled technicians. Whenever you buy a machine from HIKE MACHINERY & EQUIPMENTS LTD, you have complete peace of mind that you will never have to spend a single penny on the repairing or any other unnecessary expenses on the bought machinery. Special care has been taken while purchasing used CAT motor grader or used CAT 140k motor grader and its other model which is used CAT 140h grader.


Our Product Portfolio

Our portfolio also includes various types of cranes, loaders, excavators, road rollers, forklifts, bulldozers etc. We deal in these machines and we have all of these in machines in immaculate used condition. But we mainly deal in used cat motor grader and used cat 140h grader as we consider our self pioneer in this niche. Our product catalog is unmatchable we have countless used machinery such as used CAT motor grader, used CAT 140h grader in fact we were the leading dealer of used CAT 140h motor grader in 2010.


As a company that cares for the well being of its customers, it is imperative that special considerations are taken on behalf of our status of being an astute used cat motor grader supplier also used CAT 140k motor grader.


This might explain our dedication to providing complete and utter quality in terms of perfection in the shape of our used CAT motor graders. The insight into this delicate issue must be understood to ensure the safety and security of our used cat products. Considering the knowable fact that the machines are large and bulky, constructive machines such as the used CAT 140h grader and used CAT 140k motor grader have to be inspected systematically.


Our valued clientele has laid trust in our products and it is our sole responsibility not to sever that relationship.

The problems of various other companies in guaranteeing their machines have instilled doubt among the people close to that sector. However, this company thrives on its single solitary objective to provide carefully inspected used machines like the used cat 140h motor grader. This has begun as a huge attempt to certify ourselves as the top achievers in such a category through which our network is capable of expanding to a wider audience.


This extensive system in its entirety has won the hearts of the multitude and is spreading like wildfire since our customers have been promoting and attracting new eyes on our products.


Top Sales & Customer Reviews :

140h graders topped the chart of top sales in 2011. We became the top notch of used machinery and also number 1 used cat 140k motor grader sellers. Some Valuable client's comments.

Jim Hong: "HIKE MACHINERY & EQUIPMENTS LTD is the best used cat 140h motor grader supplier in uk i am looking forward to prolong our deal in future and buy some used cat motor grader."


Mina Swaan: "We bought 5 used CAT 140k motor grader from HIKE MACHINERY & EQUIPMENTS LTD we are satisfied with machine's performance and technical support. Support is outclass. We are looking to make more deals and buy some used cat 140h grader".


Customer Support

We have strict quality control measures when buying and selling machinery. We make sure that we buy only the best condition machinery. Our engineers and technicians check the machine thoroughly at the time of purchase and we cheek them again at the time of delivery to ensure that our customers get only the best machinery without any faults. This strict quality control makes us the best used CAT 140h grader supplier in the industry.


We give extra significance to customer services and after sales support. Our engineers are always available to troubleshoot your problems at your doorstep since we deal in used CAT motor grader we always encounter some technical issues in our used CAT 140k motor grader. We can also help you get the best machinery by providing you free advice.


If any of our products can fulfill your needs then don'hesitate to contact us anytime. Our customer support representative is available 24/7 to answer your queries. We look forward to building long term business relationships with you.


Our Used CAT Motor Graders Certifications

HIKE MACHINERY & EQUIPMENTS LTD has an advantage over other companies related to this business when it comes to being the top slated used cat 140k motor grader supplier. We are Certified Construction Industry Financial Professional and our all machines and vehicles are certified to the ISO-9001-2008 level for many years in order to prove to our valuable clientele that our standards are in no way dropping any time soon. Considering the fact that the production processes are difficult to perfect, to maintain that standard is hard unto itself. But we have thrived in pursuit of such challenges in the past and have done so again. Other companies have been left way behind and are shocked as to the techniques applied by us to maintain the top spot. We consider this certification our most prized inspection award that enables this company to move forward to new heights of success.


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